...Here at FTS you'll find some of the best analog and digital equipment in the industry...
CONSOLE: Avid Control 24 fully automated 

  ProTools HD / Avid 16x16 i/0 and Apogee AD16x converters

  8 Channel Seven Circle Audio loaded w/ 4 Neve N72's 2 API A-12's and 2 J99's,  2)Amek-Neve 9098 w/ Neve EQ,  API 3124, Aurora GTQ MKIII, Vintech 273, Focusrite ISA 828, Chandler Germanium, Avalon 737, Universal Audio 6176, Joe Meek Green SC-2 stereo compressor(the original), Art Pro stereo tube Compressor, DBX-160 compressor Lexicon pcm-80, Lexicon mpx-1 

PLUG-INS:  Waves SSL, McDSP, Sony Oxford EQ, George Massenberg EQ, URS Channel Strip Pro, Waves Gold and Renaissance Bundle, Soundtoys Bundle and much much more.. 

MICROPHONES: Majave MA-200 tube, AKG C-12 tube, Neumann U-87, Neumann TLM 193, Rhode, Sennheiser, TOA, Royer, Audix, Shure, Audia Technica, CAD, Neumann, AKG, RCA, Beyer Dynamics 

JBL, Sony, Yamaha 

PATCH BAYS and MISCELLANEOUS: We have three 96 point TT Patch Bays which can connect any piece of gear in a split second.. In the drum booth you'll find a top notch and well kept set of Sonor drums, and you will also find access to a number of guitars, amps and keyboards to use at your convenience.